IPA: dʒˈækʌnˈɛt


  • A type of cotton cloth, especially as dyed and waterproofed.

Examples of "jaconet" in Sentences

  • Under dress of jaconet muslin, trimmed with lace or embroidery.
  • They had on little white aprons, trimmed with jaconet edging, and collars as clean and white as snow.
  • Got my haversack lined with jaconet and filled with cut-dressings, very convenient, as you have both hands free.
  • And the wonder of it is that he would tie your kid shoes; while he pulls out my jaconet, and sits on my French hat.
  • The paper to be split should be well pasted on both sides with a thickish paste, and fine linen or jaconet placed on each side.
  • At the windows, curtains of heavy white jaconet muslin, not too full, hung in sharp parallel plaits to the floor -- just to the floor.
  • No court costume with a tail three yards long, could to-day make me feel one-half so fine as the white jaconet, and green sash then sported.
  • If the two pieces of jaconet are carefully pulled apart when dry, half the paper should be attached to each, unless at any point the paste has failed to stick, when the paper will tear.
  • To do this take a piece of jaconet and pin it out flat on the board, then evenly paste the back of the map with thin paste in which there are no lumps, and lay it on the linen, rub down through blotting-paper, and leave to dry.
  • In their simple dresses — grey jaconet muslin, sparely trimmed with lavender — and wearing no jewel or ornament, but a single snow-drop in the breast, the lovely bridesmaids looked as if they defied all the world to make them brides.

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