IPA: dʒˈækwˈɑrd


  • Fabric woven on a Jacquard loom.
  • Fabric resembling a jacquard, but woven by a different process.
  • (countable) A Jacquard loom.
  • A surname.

Examples of "jacquard" in Sentences

  • It is woven on the jacquard loom.
  • I have never heard of jacquard weaving.
  • This is known as the Jacquard weaving method.
  • Jacquard invented the loom there of his name.
  • Jacquard tapestries, color and the human eye.
  • This can be plain, jacquard or jamewari material.
  • Jacquard created this painted steel sculpture in 1985.
  • A sleek jacquard weave with a glamorous, grown up feel.
  • Jacquard was not the first man to try to automate the process of weaving.
  • The relationship between Jacquard and Hollerith cards belongs at that level.
  • The designers made luxury statements with lush textures, including jacquard, lambskin and of course, fur, particularly mink.
  • Kurt Wilberding/The Wall Street Journal A turquoise jacquard dress with the fabric pulled over the shoulder by a thin leather strap.
  • Backless vests in leopard-embossed jacquard fastened around the neck and across the back with stud-encrusted straps in black leather.
  • IMG/Getty Images A leather dress at Calvin Klein Calvin Klein paired unexpected textures with sportswear styles, including an alpaca jacquard sweatshirt, in the label's runway show Thursday.
  • Anna who by the way, was NOT wearing her signature sunglasses was wearing a slightly colorful jacquard sweater, cream-colored pleated skirt, and knee-high tan suede boots with buttons all the way up.
  • The evening before, Proenza Schouler used lots of velvets, soft leathers and jacquards, including a jacquard dress of velvet rectangles, with a fold of fabric pulled up across the chest and tugged up at the collarbone by a string.
  • It was all there: Tailed pantsuits in mesmerizing jacquard, sculptural sheath dresses entirely made from monarch butterflies, or feathers that gleamed darkly like spilled oil or woven chaffs of wheat that appeared to be one with the models 'woven hairstyles.

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