IPA: dʒˈɑrgˈun


  • A variety of zircon.
  • (UK, slang, countable) A fake ring or other jewellery sold as genuine.

Examples of "jargoon" in Sentences

  • This article seems to be written in incomprehensible jargoon.
  • 'Make it jargoon, dear heart,' you cried joyfully, and all was well.
  • The colorless jargoon may be obtained by heating certain colored stones.
  • The refractive indices of jargoon are much higher than those of tourmaline.
  • One is the variety of red garnet known as almandine, and the other is the jargoon.
  • In this way we are enabled to identify a jargoon or an almandine merely by looking at it.
  • Two minutes in the flame of a blow-pipe is like a week at the seashore to a bit of white jargoon.
  • In the case of jargoon, they are supposed to be caused by the presence of some uranium compound in the mineral.
  • The names _hyacinth_, _jacinth_, and _jargoon_ are applied to red, yellow, and colorless zircon in the order as given.
  • The almandine produces characteristic bands in the green and the jargoon in the red, green and blue portion of the spectrum.
  • Opal, which is a comparatively light mineral, has a low refractive power; zircon or jargoon is a heavy mineral, and has a high refractive power.
  • The decolorized zircon (jargoon) has a dispersion well up toward that of diamond and gives fairly vivid spectra on a card, but they are double, as zircon is doubly refracting.
  • Of all colorless stones, the only one likely to mislead the expert in this respect is the whitened zircon (jargoon), which has almost adamantine luster and in addition nearly as high dispersive power as diamond.

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