IPA: dʒˈævʌɫʌn


  • A light spear thrown with the hand and used as a weapon.
  • A metal-tipped spear thrown for distance in an athletic field event.
  • A javelinfish (Coelorinchus australis).


  • (transitive) To pierce with a javelin.

Examples of "javelin" in Sentences

  • The original meaning of javelin is the weapon.
  • The lancea was the Roman auxiliaries' short javelin.
  • In the javelin throw contest, he won the silver medal.
  • On the obverse of the coin, a javelin thrower is depicted.
  • She is an Olympic level javelin thrower with unerring aim.
  • In 1908, he won the bronze medal in the javelin throw event.
  • Added to the program were the javelin throw and the pentathlon.
  • USATODAY. com - Torn ACL too much for American in javelin final
  • It was one and done for Breaux Greer of the U.S. in javelin qualifying.
  • She could compete with the boys in horse riding and throwing the javelin.
  • They used weapons such as the dagger, the iron javelin, and the brass spear.
  • If a javelin is parried with a shield, and does not come through, the danger to the target is over.
  • Mike Hazle and Leigh Smith have made the Olympic team in javelin after finishing second and fifth at the U.S.
  • She used to call the javelin happy which he touched, and the reins happy which he was pressing with his hand.
  • They may also have occasionally made use of the javelin, which is sometimes seen among the arrows of a quiver.
  • It is then that Redg, Ailill's satirist, went to him on an errand to seek the javelin, that is, Cuchulainn's spear.
  • Instant killing of a lion with a javelin is a miracle, even more miraculous is instant killing of a lion with one arrow.
  • Oh, and the word javelin comes from Middle English and it derives from Old French javeline a diminutive of javelot which meant spear.
  • Similarly, if a javelin is seen in flight, it can easily be side-stepped by anyone with enough room to do so, and it will hit the ground and stop.

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