IPA: kʌbˈɑɫʌ


  • Alternative spelling of Kabballah [(Judaism) A body of mystical Jewish teachings based on an esoteric reading of the Hebrew scriptures.]

Examples of "kabbala" in Sentences

  • In the Kabbala he is the advocate of Jews.
  • However, there is another side to the pop-kabbala phenomenon.
  • Gabbai regarded the Zohar as the canonical book of the Kabbala.
  • Might want to change the wording on 'joined the Kabbala religion'.
  • Special attention was reportedly given to “kabbala as espoused by Madonna.”
  • There's some kabbala in it, and vanity publishing satire, the Templars and tons of other fun stuff.
  • Yet it is doubtful that the pop-kabbala of Madonna and Demi Moore can provide an answer to the new threat.
  • The commercialization of the kabbala – “pop-kabbala” as the American press sometimes has it – is the child of an odd couple.
  • The kabbala – the blend of Judaism and mysticism – gains Madonna no less publicity, perhaps, than the singer is giving kabbala.
  • Religious Jews are infuriated at the cheapening of the tradition, as with using tefillin as an accessory at a rock concert, or making the kabbala into a pop movement.
  • True kabbala is far from being an exact science, but the connection between it and the “kabbala” of Madonna and the dubious characters associated with it is about the same as the connection between astrology and astronomy.
  • This memo advertised a model bill and called for the end of “tax-supported evolution science” because it “is derived concept-for-concept from Rabbinic writings on the mystic ‘holy book’ kabbala dating back at least two millennia”.

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