IPA: kʌbʌɫɪst


  • one who studies the Kabbalah

Examples of "kabbalist" in Sentences

  • He was also a well known kabbalist .
  • The book includes a kabbalist dictionary.
  • Daat linked to the correct Kabbalistic article.
  • In return he introduced her to kabbalist thought.
  • Berg is not the only kabbalist who recognizes the.
  • The kabbalistic writings exist entirely in metaphors.
  • This is also true in the Kabbalistic angelic hierarchy.
  • They interpreted Zevi's conversion in a Kabbalistic way.
  • Many of the grimoires seem to have kabbalistic influence.
  • Contemplation and study of the Torah and Kabbalistic texts.
  • The lyrics are a liturgical poem believed to have been written by a 12th Century rabbi and kabbalist.
  • One is a transgendered kabbalist and neo-indigenist with Asian features, slanting eyes and arching cheekbones.
  • I called the Rav from my cell phone on the way over, and he said, “Create a new kabbalist for these times,” and I assured him that I would.
  • I imagine us as the cast of a droll art-house movie: the gay disco promoter, the strikingly beautiful kabbalist, the German graphic designer, the film-studio executive from Los Angeles and his young Mexican boyfriend.

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