IPA: kʌbʌɫˈɪstɪk


  • Alternative spelling of cabalistic [Of or relating to a cabal; secretive and cliquish.]

Examples of "kabbalistic" in Sentences

  • Daat linked to the correct Kabbalistic article.
  • The kabbalistic writings exist entirely in metaphors.
  • This is also true in the Kabbalistic angelic hierarchy.
  • They interpreted Zevi's conversion in a Kabbalistic way.
  • Many of the grimoires seem to have kabbalistic influence.
  • This is a kabbalistic truth that saves a lot of worrying.
  • Contemplation and study of the Torah and Kabbalistic texts.
  • I like most to dance at kabbalistic weddings because women only dance with the bride, and I love dancing with women.
  • Or at least make them explain what kind of kabbalistic numerology makes "then they were seeing stars" come out to 47.
  • He helped me to remove layers and barriers that kept my mind in parts, at the same time that I was learning deep kabbalistic meditations.
  • Water blessed by a "kabbalistic" rabbi, dubious modalities of energy healing, UFOs -- it's not that all of these are necessarily false, but the way that many spiritual people relate to them is all too credulous.
  • Despite hundreds, if not thousands, of kabbalistic texts addressing hell, including the short tractates of Gehinnom and Hibut Ha'Kever (the pangs of the grave), many people (including many believers, too) erroneously are of the view that Jews don't believe in hell.

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