IPA: kˈætʃ


  • a terrorist organization founded for jewish defense; fights antisemitism and hopes to restore the biblical state of israel

Examples of "kach" in Sentences

  • Kach has also been active in his community.
  • Hims sowns kwite teh kach U 2 JD stagehanddan says:
  • Kach has been declared illegal by Israeli authorities.
  • JDL is described as the forerunner of the Kach movement.
  • The info on Kach is important to understanding the person.
  • Pore lil haerless kitteh kach cold if he stans inna draft.
  • The movement consists of settlers and has links to the Kach.
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  • Kach certainly are a violent organization, both religious and zionist.
  • Membership to the Kach group is illegal in Israel and punishable by law.
  • Himz vis…vizz…ablilite 2 c will b hurtid, an himz cannut kach teh mausees!
  • Ozeri belonged to the banned Jewish religious and nationalist Kach movement.
  • March 14, 2008 at 4:29 am sew datz hao yu wuz sew aybul 2 kach teh puck in teh mouf!
  • In accordance with his religion, he at all times wears the five Ks: kes (long hair); kach (short trousers);
  • February 13, 2008 at 11:25 am can i tuch mai tung 2 teh text? nope nawt lawng enuf. is eezeer 2 kach snoflayks.
  • In response to SouthernDragon @ 30 are you thinking of baruch goldstein? that’s the extreme end of the spectrum. lots right wingers, but not all of the settlers are and most right wingers are not like those in kach (which i think has been outlawed in israel).
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