IPA: kʌʃˈinʌ


  • (Pueblo culture) A vaguely ancestral anthropomorphic spirit being, associated with clouds and rain or personifying the power in the sun, the earth, or corn (among other things).
  • (Pueblo culture) A wooden doll, as might be given to a child, which represents such a being.
  • (Pueblo culture) A masked dancer who represents such a being in a ceremonial dance or masked ceremony.

Examples of "kachina" in Sentences

  • She was wearing a Kachina dancer's mask.
  • Atoshli is an ogre kachina at Zuni Pueblo.
  • Mares is most famous for his Kachina pieces.
  • Camp Kachina is on the shores of Lake Belton.
  • He attended the Kachina School of Art in Phoenix.
  • No, kachina and katsina do not need to be capitalized.
  • It is the Hopi approach to the art of Kachina doll carving.
  • I can't find 'any' Kachina doll images on the site anymore.
  • Kokopelli was one of several kachina dolls sold to tourists.
  • Voth and Warburg saw a Hemis Kachina dance complete with obscene clowning.
  • "ka", part of the word kachina, the Hopi spirits, of which Masau'u was one.
  • The word kachina is a little confusing since it refers to the dolls, which have no power.
  • In fact, the owner had requested a kachina tiger sculpture—something he had never done before.
  • Phoenix's character chooses to live life in the Nevada desert as a hermit making Navajo kachina dolls that he believes have magical powers (a kachina is a spirit in western Pueblo cosmology and religious practices).

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