IPA: kʌfˈɪr


  • (countable, offensive) In Islamic contexts, a non-Muslim.
  • (countable, offensive) A member of the Nguni people of southern Africa, especially a Xhosa.
  • (countable, South Africa, Rhodesia, ethnic slur, offensive, derogatory) A black person.
  • (uncountable, now historical, offensive) A language spoken by the Nguni peoples of southern Africa, especially Xhosa.
  • (finance, slang, historical) South African mining shares
  • (uncountable) Short for kaffir corn. [The cultivated species of sorghum, Sorghum bicolor, used as a food for people and animals and in ethanol production.]
  • Alternative letter-case form of kaffir [(countable, offensive) In Islamic contexts, a non-Muslim.]

Examples of "kaffir" in Sentences

  • Common names include Kaffir lily and bush lily.
  • Kaffir, however, remains the much more common label.
  • If using the Kaffir lime leaves, devein and chop thinly.
  • Being a low caste hindu is way better then being a Dhimmi or Kaffir.
  • The Thais love the kaffir lime leaves, the lemonstalk and the galangal.
  • One of my little classmates chose to spit in my face for being a kaffir.
  • The information that who can be called kaffir is unrelated and problematic.
  • The Persian lime peel alone will not make an adequate sub -- the flavor of kaffir is like no other.
  • No one in our house ever said the word kaffir except in regard to the Kaffir boom tree, which felt wrong and dangerous and ugly.
  • But the kaffir is no different from other people, and the moment you say, "You shan't," human nature backs up and says, "I shall."
  • The word 'kaffir' is used as an insulting term for Africans but the term 'kaffir beer' was widely used in English as a name for this drink
  • The word kaffir, sometimes spelt kaffer or kafir, is an offensive term for a black person, most common in South Africa and other African countries.
  • Winn ran with that in a Jan. 29 article, digging up right-wing "expert on Islamism" Walid Phares, who claimed that "the typical word Arabic translators would use for the term 'non-believer' is 'kaffir' - a word which means 'atheist' or 'infidel.'"
  • That evening in a hut assigned to us by the chief, squatting on the trodden cow-dung floor, leaning against the dried-mud sides, with a little fire of sticks in the midst to give us light and keep mosquitoes at a distance at the expense of almost unbearable heat, we ate porridge made from mtama as they call their kaffir corn, and washed it down with milk -- good rich cows 'milk, milked by Kazimoto into our own metal pot instead of their unwashed gourds.

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