IPA: kʌfɝ


  • (Islam, countable, offensive, religious slur) A disbeliever, a denier: someone who rejects or disbelieves in Allah or the tenets of Islam; or more broadly any non-Muslim.
  • (obsolete) The Nuristani language family.
  • (uncountable) Short for kafir corn.
  • Alternative spelling of Kaffir

Examples of "kafir" in Sentences

  • The Kafirs are highly revengeful.
  • Kafir is simply a noun for non Muslim.
  • Does that mean he was a 'kafir' as well.
  • Any non believer in a prophet is a kafir.
  • The Kafirs are remarkable for their cupidity.
  • The term kafir is not necessarily a derogatory term.
  • That is the heart of the kafir or ungrateful disbeliever.
  • That is the heart of the 'kafir' or ungrateful disbeliever.
  • It is as natural for a Kafir to thieve, as it is for him to eat.
  • And on top of that, the article was at Kafir in the first place.
  • The word kuffar appears to be an alternative spelling of kafir, an Arabic word meaning "unbeliever."
  • I am calling your kafir yuppie ass to a fight with no rules and we can do this at any number of masjids.
  • The term kafir is often qualified, in both historical and legal texts, by the word "accursed," though not invariably.
  • The hybrids were developed by crossing sorghums from southern Africa (the so-called kafir type) with others from Central Africa (caudatum types).
  • Shubaylat refused to declare Zarqawi a "kafir"--as the Iraqi Shi`ite guest kept requesting--because he said that he is opposed to the very method.
  • The term kafir, in Turkish gavur, in the central lands of Islam, has been used since early times for all non-Muslims, whether monotheists or idolaters.
  • I am sure that given the change the barbarian untermenchen would have used them without a second thought to exterminate us so called "kafir" in their perverted holy war.
  • I have pointed out before, a careful study of the word kafir or infidel in the Qur'an will show that it never is used in an unadorned way to refer to non-Muslims in general.
  • In the west, as well as in Asia and Africa, including in some Muslim-majority countries, I have repeatedly been called a kafir (disbeliever), a murtad (apostate) or an impostor seeking to adulterate Islam and destroy it from within.

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