IPA: kˈæftæn


  • A long tunic worn in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • A long dress or shirt similar in style to those worn in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Examples of "kaftan" in Sentences

  • The women's robe is called a kaftan.
  • The kaftan suit is worn with a kufi cap.
  • The Senegalese kaftan is an ankle length garment.
  • Some men wear the Moroccan kaftan outside the home.
  • A kaftan and matching pants is called a kaftan suit.
  • Kanzu is a Swahili word that means robe, tunic, or kaftan.
  • The traditional women's attire is the kaftan or the wrapper.
  • Look, my honoured mother, if this kaftan is not a masterpiece.
  • The Turkish and Middle Eastern kaftan is a man's cloak or robe.
  • However, the kaftan and wrapper are the two traditional choices.
  • The formality of the kaftan depends upon the fabric used to create it.
  • This rare find ended up becoming a spectacular kaftan for my annual Pride fête.
  • Later, she admitted she was "mortified" when Ramona told a top kaftan designer she didn't like kaftans and wanted to show a lot of cleavage.
  • Jessica Stam, with legs decorated with butterflies Sui's signature, wore a floral kaftan and a rose-print chiffon romper, and Caroline Trentini wore a butterfly-and-hydrangea-print jumpsuit.
  • More tastefully laid-back options for short, sexy beachwear come from Toast ( www.toast.co.uk )—try the "Binnie" beach dress, £99—and the White Company ( www.thewhitecompany.com )—linen kaftan, £75.
  • In fashion circles, it is usually accepted that women the shape and size of Elizabeth Taylor are not merely poor role models who should never be allowed outside a kaftan, but actively dangerous to thin people's health.
  • A kaftan that appeared to have been made from a starched white menswear shirt and a nubby, pointy-hooded robe-dress had a rugged Berber feel, while a quilted vest seemed to look to the Mongolian highlands for inspiration.

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