IPA: kˈeɪɫ


  • (Scotland, archaic) Any cabbage, greens, or vegetables.
  • A broth made with kale or other vegetables; hence, any broth; also, a dinner.
  • A surname.
  • Alternative form of kale. [An edible plant, similar to cabbage, with curled leaves that do not form a dense head (Brassica oleracea var. acephala)]

Examples of "kail" in Sentences

  • Jameka and Kail come in to explore.
  • I think it's stupid if they keep Kail.
  • Kail Bisht is said to be a generous folk god.
  • To be off one's kail is to feel too ill to eat.
  • It is still jen and kail on the block at this time.
  • I have moved this article back to KAIL from KAIL TV.
  • She falls in love with Kail as the story progresses.
  • Kail means weapon or armory and Pold means festival.
  • Kail Saffian is a high ranking member of the Armenian mob.
  • From this custom his congregation was known as the kail kirk.
  • Konkreetselt meile tähendas see kolme tundi tuuldumist Kuivastu sadama kail.
  • “Our kail is like to be cauld eneugh too,” he reflected, as the chorus of “Cauld Kail in Aberdeen” again reached his ears.
  • The writer is doubtless correct in supposing that this utensil was originally employed for cooking kail or cabbage and other green stuff.
  • The chief building, called the kailás, ... is a great monolithic temple, isolated from surrounding rock, and carved outside as well as in ....
  • Ida nee mosu iha Atauro bainhira iha inaugurasan ba kompetisaun internasional kail ikan … …. asaun viola direitus humanus neebe labele tolera iha ita nia rain.
  • Ryan on Jul 20, 2008 dear kail … … … … …. sure its a comic book movie, but this is the only superhero movie i have seen that I can safely say that I actually completely forgot it WAS a comic book movie.
  • “But the moon, and the dew, and the night-wind, they are just like a caller kail-blade laid on my brow; and whiles I think the moon just shines on purpose to pleasure me, when naebody sees her but mysell.”
  • Like those of the lowest order of pawnbrokers, a commodity of rusty iron, a bay or two of hobnails, a few odd shoe-buckles, cashiered kail-pots, and fire-irons declared incapable of service, are quite sufficient to set him up.
  • In other instances, while the fibrous framework of the leaf retains its usual degree of development, the cellular parenchyma is developed in excess, and, if the increase is so arranged that the number of superposed layers of the cellular tissue is not increased, or their thickness exaggerated, then we get such leaves as those of the "kail," or of the "Savoys" leaves, which are technically called by descriptive botanists "folia bullata."

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