IPA: kˈɑki


  • a persimmon, more specifically the Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki).


  • Misspelling of khaki. [Dust-coloured; of the colour of dust.]

Examples of "kaki" in Sentences

  • Kaki Kaki is a crybaby cactus like boy.
  • He is the father of the model Kaki est.
  • The kaki tree reaches a size of up to ten meters.
  • Kaki is now a teacher of white water rafting in Utah.
  • Ai, I was surprised to see called 'kaki' on the label.
  • As an adjective, kaki means dirt color, or light brown.
  • He has also composed five symphonies and a ballet, Kaki.
  • Likewise the lad in kaki gear is just a lad from over here.
  • Kaki no tane are often sold with peanuts, a combination called.
  • Kaki trees typically do not bear until they are 3 to 6 years old.
  • The piece of senbei looks like a seed of Persimmon, or kaki in Japanese.
  • They are considered a pest on Diospyros kaki , of which they feed on the bark.
  • As I understand it, only Japanese persimmons (the most common variety) are called kaki.
  • We use to eat when the fruits got really soft and sometimes we eat kaki with Williams liqueur (I love it)!!! maralenenok
  • So now I have a need for a dessert recipe for the french squash (courge) or persimmon (kaki) that I could see everywhere.
  • Persimmon is called kaki in Japanese, and it has been constantly battling against mangoes for first place on my list of favorite fruits.
  • There is an exquisite Japanese iris-flower, of rainbow-violet colour, which flower is named kaki - tsubata; and there is a song about that flower called kaki-tsubata-no - uta.
  • They sell them here in London on Portobello Market, near me and I seem to remember seeing them lots of other places (Sainsburys, Tescos), never as persimmon, they're called sharon fruit or kaki fruit.
  • Japanese restaurant or izakaya, I would always order a dish of fried appetizer and my favorite is deep-fried oysters or panko-crusted oysters. is called kaki fry or kaki furai, and those two words are probably the first few
  • (simple open-air eateries) and mobile food carts called kaki lima, which literally translates as "five feet" -- it refers to the sum of the vendor's two feet and the cart's three (two wheels in the front and one supporting leg in the rear).

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