kala azar

IPA: kˈɑɫʌɑzɑr


  • Alternative spelling of kala-azar. [(pathology) Visceral leishmaniasis.]


IPA: kˈeɪɫʌɑzˈɑr


  • (pathology) Visceral leishmaniasis.

Examples of "kala-azar" in Sentences

  • More than two million children are at risk of malaria and kala-azar in famine stricken Africa.
  • An historical review of malaria, kala-azar and filariasis in Bangladesh in relation to the Flood Action Plan.
  • Malaria and filariasis are spread by mosquitoes, sleeping sickness by tsetse flies, kala-azar by sand flies, river blindness by black flies.
  • The proximity between humans and livestock is emphasized in this slide showing a kala-azar (visceral leishmaniasis) affected household in northern India.
  • This seems to be the case for cholera, kala-azar, and schistosomiasis, which did not become established in the Amazonian forest ecosystem (medium certainty).
  • Visceral leishmaniasis, also known as kala-azar, is an acute, often deadly form of the disease resulting from parasites multiplying in the spleen, liver and bone marrow.
  • These trials do not cover the drug related to tropical disease such as kala-azar, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Filaria, Dengue, Chucken Gunea, which are the major problems of the third world countries.

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