IPA: kʌɫˈaɪdʌskoʊp


  • An instrument consisting of a tube containing mirrors and loose, colourful beads or other objects; when the tube is looked into and rotated, a succession of symmetrical designs can be seen.
  • (figuratively) A constantly changing series of colours or other things.


  • (intransitive) To move in shifting (and often attractive or colourful) patterns.

Examples of "kaleidoscope" in Sentences

  • Take a look in the kaleidoscope.
  • The laser show created a kaleidoscope of colors.
  • Kaleidoscope was the school's gifted education program.
  • Verily the French kaleidoscope is very prettily turned!
  • Algae can drape reefs in kaleidoscopes of colour and form.
  • A kaleidoscope is the tool that helps make sense of the mess.
  • Algae can drape reefs in kaleidoscopes of colours and shapes.
  • Described herein is a novel optical toy of the kaleidoscope type.
  • The city hosts one of the last kaleidoscope manufacturers in France.
  • At the same time, the format of kaleidoscope schemes continued to evolve.
  • For some background on the geometry of the kaleidoscope, see reflection group.
  • When in motion, a kaleidoscope is produced which would make a peacock envious.
  • So far today we have examined the economic kaleidoscope from a perspective of macroeconomics - that's a buzzword favoured by economists looking at the big picture.
  • A self-described "Missoni junkie," Mr. Jones lauded the family for their designs characterized by a "kaleidoscope of bold hues, zigzags, stripes, waves, flames, geometric patchworks and floral jacquards."
  • It was displayed in kaleidoscope for all the world to see at those Diamond Jubilee celebrations, in which men in varied uniforms gathered from all the far corners of the seven seas to march in procession and do honour to the great Queen Empress.

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