IPA: kʌɫˈaɪdʌskˈɑpɪk


  • Of, relating to, or produced by a kaleidoscope.
  • (figuratively) Brightly coloured and continuously changing in pattern, as if in a kaleidoscope.

Examples of "kaleidoscopic" in Sentences

  • He's certainly the only one with this kind of kaleidoscopic musical ambition.
  • "kaleidoscopic" there is much in play, and much to play for in short and medium term investment and IT decisions.
  • But in another sense, the point of the news is to give us a kind of kaleidoscopic view of the day's events, and to show us the distinction of one day from the day before it.
  • "Talking to some of the people that were there and their version of events to try and correlate it all was very interesting, a kind of kaleidoscopic bunch of experiences," Richards said.
  • A collection of fourteen essays that brings new meaning to the word kaleidoscopic, The Great Brain Suck more or less sets it sights on the power, pleasure and practicality of the material world.
  • Metaphorically, the family's lived world, how they experience at this particular cross-section of their lives, can be symbolically described as a kaleidoscopic telescoping of its past and anticipated future.
  • The illustrations are astonishing in their detail, and Lebrun spent years of his own life photographing them, organizing a thousand of them into visual sequences, and animating them into a kind of kaleidoscopic dance of forms.
  • So kaleidoscopic is the succession of these "mothers" of Miss Edgeworth, that emotion tends to dry up under it, and even the most patient of biographers wearies a little before the duty of chronicling their various arrivals and exits.
  • A multitude of beautiful shapes appeared to be comprehended within its single outline; it was a kind of kaleidoscopic mystery, so rich a variety of aspects did it assume from each altered point of view, through the presentation of a different face, and the rearrangement of its peaks and pinnacles and the three battlemented towers, with the spires that shot heavenward from all three, but one loftier than its fellows.
  • Then it would break, coalesce through a kind of kaleidoscopic whirl like a child's toy, into a pattern, a design almost beautiful, as if an inspired choreographer had drilled a willing and patient and hard-working troupe of dancers — a pattern, design which was trying to tell him something, say something to him urgent and important and true in that second before, already bulging with the motion and the speed, it began to disintegrate and dissolve.

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