IPA: kˈɑɫi


  • The prickly glasswort (Kali turgidum, syn. of Salsola kali).
  • Alkali, particularly soda ash or potash.
  • Traditional Philippine stick fighting, a martial art.
  • A type of British crystalline sweet or candy, similar in appearance to sherbet but made with larger sugar crystals.
  • (Hinduism) A goddess in Hinduism, one of the most significant figures within that religion, who destroys evil forces and bestows liberation.
  • (Hinduism) A male demon, lord of Kali Yuga and the nemesis of Kalki, tenth Avatar of Vishnu.
  • A female given name from Sanskrit used especially in India.
  • (homeopathy) A potassium salt.

Examples of "kali" in Sentences

  • Brahman and Kali are not different.
  • The concept of Kali epitomizes that.
  • But kali yuga will not last for ever.
  • The seat of the municipality is in Kali.
  • Fascinated to see that you're into Kali.
  • Kali is discussed in an article on vampire.
  • Kali is given the epithet Chamunda in the text.
  • From there the Kalis migrated to the Philippines.
  • Before the advent of Kali the Santror beget children.
  • Tamar-kali will perform at Joe's Pub on the next three Fridays.
  • About $16-$17 trillion is owed to foreigners, about 27%. kali Says:
  • Amidst all the doting over and pampering Kali grows up to be a spoiled brat.
  • There is no new information here to justify an ‘enough is enough’ attitude. kali Says:
  • Artis antarabangsa, Ne-yo buat pertama kali akan mengegarkan peminat muzik RnB di taman tema Sunway Lagoon, malam ini.
  • Now, thanks in part to the searing, potent music of Brooklyn-based rocker Tamar-kali, the genre is edging into the mainstream.
  • Ternyata tidak, Megawatiyang dalam pidato kampanye selalu menjadi oposisi, kali ini selalu mengiyakan apa yang dikatakan SBY dan JK.
  • Just imagine, why there are Magar (Kirati) priest at Manakamana Temple, Budha Subbha and Dakshin kali which is so called Hindu temple?
  • It took a few years for Tamar-kali to clear the experience from her system and work on the bracing set of songs found on "Black Bottom."
  • Padahal, berulang kali para pakar ekonomi Indonesia maupun dunia mengatakan bahwa untuk membentengi krisis global, sebuah negara mesti memperkuat ekonomi realnya, mikro.
  • Jatuhnya pesawat milik TNI yang terjadi beberapa kali belakangan ini dapat dijadikan sebagai indikasi bahwa kualitas Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI) perlu dipertanyakan.

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