IPA: kˈæɫmiʌ


  • Any plant in the taxonomic genus Kalmia.

Examples of "kalmia" in Sentences

  • The kalmia and the alder gave undergrowth and brilliancy to the foliage.
  • Kalmia, look the top of your user page and read the helpful links thoroughly.
  • Here I found many of my old favorites the heathworts -- kalmia, pyrola, chiogenes, huckleberry, cranberry, etc.
  • Of kalmia or "calico bush" there are three species, and related genera of the Ericaceous family almost too numerous to mention.
  • Bryanthus, a beautiful flowering heathwort, flourishes a few hundred feet above the timberline, accompanied with kalmia and spiraea.
  • To the left, covering the mountain-side, were masses of evergreen kalmia, and above them tall and leafless trees in whose branches the wind made a grating sound.
  • He introduced the plant to Europe, where it is known as kalmia, and extensively cultivated on fine estates that are thrown open to the public during the flowering season.
  • Rhodoraceæ, such as the kalmia, azalea, rhododendron, &c., which yield a honey frequently poisonous and intoxicating, as has been proved by the fatal effects on persons in America.
  • Shrubs also hasten in time to the new gardens, -- kalmia with its glossy leaves and purple flowers, the arctic willow, making soft woven carpets, together with the healthy bryanthus and cassiope, the fairest and dearest of them all.
  • The boreal forest in this ecoregion is characterized by dwarf, open and sometimes closed cover patches of black spruce (Picea mariana) and balsam fir (Abies balsamea) alternating with communities of dwarf kalmia (Kalmia polifolia) and mosses.
  • The air is too hot for those roses, and for the same reason none of the American plants, such as the _magnolia_ (tulip tree) _kalmia_, &c. thrive in France, though kept in pots in the shade and well watered; the heat of the atmosphere dries the trunk of these trees.

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