kangaroo rat

IPA: kæŋgɝˈurˈæt


  • Any of many different species in genus Dipodomys, rodents that move about by hopping.


IPA: kˈæŋgɝˈurˈæt


  • Alternative form of kangaroo rat [Any of many different species in genus Dipodomys, rodents that move about by hopping.]

Examples of "kangaroo-rat" in Sentences

  • * But there are (besides the kangaroo-rat) two other sorts.
  • "Dropped in for a call on the kangaroo-rat," replied the man.
  • It was a kangaroo-rat, and it nibbled very daintily the piece of sugar the President gave it.
  • Not a vestige of life, not even the horned-toad or the trail of the kangaroo-rat is to be seen.
  • The only animal that we saw during our excursion was a small kangaroo-rat; it was skipping about the rocks near the sea.
  • Yes, there are certain researches I intend to pursue -- the tail of the kangaroo-rat, which attains here a phenomenal length.
  • The kangaroo-rat and kangaroo-mouse, the opossum-mouse, the flying opossum, and some other odd little creatures, inhabit Tasmania.
  • The kangaroo-rat is a small animal, never reaching, at its utmost growth, more than fourteen or fifteen pounds, and its usual size is not above seven or eight pounds.
  • She learned to hold a frenzied fox-terrier at the mouth of a hollow log, ready to pounce on the kangaroo-rat which had taken refuge there, and which flashed out as if shot from a catapult on being poked from the other end with a long stick.
  • This brought the lecturer to the great ladder of animal life, beginning low down in molluscs and feeble sea creatures, then up rung by rung through reptiles and fishes, till at last we came to a kangaroo-rat, a creature which brought forth its young alive, the direct ancestor of all mammals, and presumably, therefore, of everyone in the audience.

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