IPA: kˈiɫd


  • Furnished with a keel, especially a keel of a specified type

Examples of "keeled" in Sentences

  • The lower side of the leaf is smooth, glossy and keeled.
  • He looked kind of keeled over, his head on a cement step.
  • Jian Ghomeshi is entertaining, intelligent and even keeled.
  • I keep participating in the dialogue - I'm mostly even-keeled and not upset when I do, or I wouldn't.
  • "He pointed at the television and said 'He's not technically President,' and then he keeled over," said pal Jim Lawrence today.
  • Now, if an even-keeled non-partisan person had written a chapter, I'd be taken aback by it, but the fact that greenie was involved really has no effect on me.
  • It's all right, no one keeled over; we got the front and back doors open quick enough that the smoke alarms didn't go off, though it was chilly for a bit as the cold air rushed in.
  • Although he makes the point that the periphery is "hardly to be called keeled", to me "carinated", "angular" and "keeled" all mean more or less the same thing, especially when the degree of carination is variable.
  • He has never been partial to the supports that, like the legs of daddy longlegs spiders, angle out from lower decks to hold them upright while their keels rest on the forest floor, but there was no better way to park a sharp-keeled ship on land.
  • Its bays are square, and the groin ribs consist each of three round mouldings, of which the most prominent is 'keeled'; [88] but what is most remarkable is that there are also ridge-ribs, which are not usually found before the thirteenth century, and it has been suggested [89] that this is the earliest instance of their employment.

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