IPA: kˈin


  • A prolonged wail for a deceased person.
  • A surname.


  • (transitive, rare) To make cold, to sharpen.
  • (intransitive) To utter a keen.
  • (transitive) To utter with a loud wailing voice or wordless cry.
  • (transitive) To mourn.


  • (chiefly Commonwealth) Often with a prepositional phrase, or with to and an infinitive: showing a quick and ardent responsiveness or willingness; eager, enthusiastic, interested.
  • Fierce, intense, vehement.
  • Having a fine edge or point; sharp.
  • Acute of mind, having or expressing mental acuteness; penetrating, sharp.
  • Acrimonious, bitter, piercing.
  • Of cold, wind, etc.: cutting, penetrating, piercing, sharp.
  • (Britain) Of prices, extremely low as to be competitive.
  • (US, informal, dated) Marvelous.
  • (obsolete) Brave, courageous; audacious, bold.

Examples of "keen" in Sentences

  • The air is keen and penetrating.
  • A leader should have keen insight.
  • He has always been a keen partaker.
  • Also excessive keenness counts against.
  • Is anyone keen to surmise the salient points
  • Butler was a keen bird collector and taxidermist.
  • The eagle symbolizes strength and keenness of vision.
  • There is a keen jag on the top, and be careful of that.
  • This increased the keenness of both parts to cooperate.
  • Hence my keenness to get the fightbooks into the category.

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