keep quiet

IPA: kˈipkwaɪʌt


  • To remain silent.
  • (idiomatic) To refrain from talking about something; to keep a secret.

Examples of "keep-quiet" in Sentences

  • And, indeed, apps are popping up that Judge Still Keeps MIT Students Gagged Over Subway Hacking Presentation from the keep-quiet dept
  • COOPER: So, now, why would his parents -- I mean, a senator's parents give $96,000 to a former employee of the senator, if it was -- if it's not some sort of payoff, or keep-quiet money?
  • Her uncomplaining, keep-quiet philosophy characterizes her generation of Chinatown immigrants—a generation that Phil Choy, the San Francisco historian, described as conservative and insular, unwilling to rock the boat.

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