IPA: kˈipseɪk


  • Some object given by a person and retained in memory of something or someone; something kept for sentimental or nostalgic reasons.
  • (historical) Specifically, a type of literary album popular in the nineteenth-century, containing scraps of poetry and prose, and engravings.

Examples of "keepsake" in Sentences

  • Rose and Susan exchange keepsakes.
  • It's not a trophy, it is a keepsake and symbol.
  • He snapped photos of the rainbow for keepsakes.
  • A memento is a keepsake or souvenir of remembrance.
  • A keepsake was often printed to commemorate the occasion.
  • Each of the six girls took one of the gems as a keepsake.
  • Her mother's only keepsake is the flute and the musical score.
  • The soft, silken cocoons make an interesting keepsake for pupils.
  • The cut hair was then tied with red string and saved as a keepsake.
  • Why does he need an afterthought keepsake from the airline disaster?
  • He progressed to playing the bass guitar in bands such as Keepsake and.
  • : Hands out hot white chocolate in keepsake mugs with rabid wolf logo on side:
  • When I was a pre-teen kid, my grandmothers really turned me on to the notion of keepsake boxes.
  • The word keepsake recalled the box to her mind, and all the train of ideas which the Flora had banished.
  • She said selling the keepsake was an "enormous decision," but she made a single copy and has no regrets.
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that women should be discouraged from having so many so-called keepsake ultrasounds.
  • Auctioneer Philip Weiss believes the keepsake will be a high-demand item due to an increased interest in the Thriller singer since his death last June.
  • DETROIT - The last North Carolinian to climb the ladder Monday night and clip a piece of the championship net for a keepsake was the head basketball coach,
  • Immortalizing your newborn baby's footprint in bronze as a keepsake might be a long-cherished tradition, but another kind of imprint has become much more popular -- the digital kind.

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