IPA: kˈɛɫp


  • Any of several large brown algae seaweeds (order Laminariales).
  • The calcined ashes of seaweed, formerly used in glass and iodine manufacture.


  • (intransitive) To gather kelp.

Examples of "kelp" in Sentences

  • The largest producer of kelp products is China.
  • The classic example is of kelp forest ecosystems.
  • The shore of Canoe Island is fringed by kelp and seagrass.
  • An extensive kelp patch extends from the south of the island.
  • He contributed to the growth of the kelp farming industry in China.
  • In the austral summer it feeds among kelp, sometimes at the bottom.
  • Giant kelp is harvested off the western coast of the United States.
  • There is marvelous scuba diving among the kelp forests of the coastline.
  • The discovery of kelp forests in deep water habitats of tropical regions.
  • Darwin noted the immense number of organisms dependent on the kelp forests.
  • Note: Kombu (also known as kelp) is a type of sea vegetable, available in food co-ops.
  • Tregarthen could recall the kelp-making, but neither the circumstances of the collapse nor the sufferings that followed it.
  • Police posted the warnings Wednesday after two surfers reported seeing a small great white shark beyond what's called the kelp line.
  • The researchers found that a selenium supplement he was taking contained kelp, which is a rich source of iodine and significantly increased his iodine levels.
  • Seaweed and particularly kelp, which is known to contain iodine as well as other essential minerals and trace elements, is for this reason often recommended by natural health practitioners as part of a dietary treatment for candidiasis.
  • The weed thus drawn to shore was subsequently sorted, the greater part being used for manure, while the rest was burned in one of those rough kilns that abound along the coast, and reduced to kelp, which is used in the manufacture of soap and glass, and from which iodine is extracted.
  • There is a farm on a neck of land belonging to this town (Marblehead, Mass.), which has peculiar advantages for collecting sea kelp and sea moss, and these manures are there used most liberally, particularly in the cultivation of cabbage, from eight to twelve cords of rotten kelp, which is stronger than barn manure, and more suitable food for cabbage, being used to the acre.

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