IPA: ˈɛɫpˈi

Root Word: LP


  • Liquid petroleum, or liquified petroleum, a fuel used for cooking.
  • Liquid propane.
  • (US, politics, uncountable) The Libertarian Party of the United States.
  • (music, countable) Initialism of long-play.
  • (business, law) Initialism of limited partnership. [(law) A form of partnership including limited partners whose potential liability is limited to their investment.]
  • (aerospace) Initialism of landing pad. [A helipad]
  • (military) Abbreviation of listening post. [(military) A position established for the purpose of detecting the enemy's movements by means of listening.]
  • (medicine) Abbreviation of lumbar puncture. [(medicine) A diagnostic and at times therapeutic procedure performed to collect a sample of cerebrospinal fluid for biochemical, microbiological, and cytological analysis, or rarely to relieve increased intracranial pressure.]
  • (mathematics) Abbreviation of linear programming. [(mathematics) The branch of mathematics concerned with the minimization or maximization of a linear function of several variables and inequalities; used in many branches of industry to minimize costs or maximize production.]
  • (Internet) Abbreviation of landing page. [(web design, marketing) A web page at which a user first arrives at a website, now especially one optimized for a marketing campaign or for lead generation.]
  • (online gaming, Internet) Initialism of let's play. [(Internet, video games) A video recording or comparable broadcast in which a person plays a video game while commenting on the gameplay.]
  • Initialism of little person. [(euphemistic) A person with dwarfism, or short stature resulting from a medical condition.]
  • (finance) Abbreviation of liquidity provider. [(economics) Synonym of market maker]
  • (programming) Initialism of literate programming. [(programming) A programming paradigm in which a program is given as an explanation of the program logic in a natural language (such as English), interspersed with snippets of macros and traditional source code, from which compilable representation can be generated.]
  • Initialism of lactase persistence. [The continued activity of the lactase enzyme in adulthood, allowing the digestion of lactose in milk.]
  • (Australia) Initialism of Liberal Party. [(UK politics) The predecessor of the Liberal Democrats]
  • (Philippine politics) Initialism of Liberal Party. [(UK politics) The predecessor of the Liberal Democrats]
  • (knitting) Abbreviation of loop. [A length of thread, line or rope that is doubled over to make an opening.]


IPA: ɫp

Root Word: LLP


  • (business, law) Initialism of limited liability partnership.
  • (computing) Initialism of laser light plane.
  • (motor racing) Abbreviation of long lap penalty.

Examples of "lp" in Sentences

    Examples of "llp" in Sentences

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