IPA: ɫˈɑgɝ


  • A defensive encampment encircled by wagons, especially by South African Boers.
  • (military) A temporary formation of armoured vehicles for resupply.


  • (transitive) To arrange in a circular formation for defence.
  • (intransitive) To camp in a circular formation.

Examples of "laager" in Sentences

  • The presence of women in our laager was a great hindrance to me in my work.
  • The white minority will be even more of a minority, trapped in their "laager".
  • But the English had fortified their position in the night with ditches, palisades, and a 'laager' of wagons.
  • A Volkstaat would be a "laager" from which Afrikaner culture and identity could contribute to South African society.
  • The NNP claims that the choice is between its co-operative governance with the ANC or retreating with the DA into a "laager" of minorities.
  • The laager was a twelve-foot-high barbed wire enclosure, eighty feet wide by three hundred long, with the hut occupying the greater part of the central space.
  • Encircling his laager was another chain of "randten" entirely occupied and fortified, and we soon realised what a large and entrenched stretch of ground it was.
  • About a hundred and fifty yards to the left of the laager was a little dell where I had hidden my horse, together with one belonging to the Boers, and my saddle and bridle.
  • North of the river, some cannon were placed in advanced works, three-quarters of a mile from the rifle pits, between which and the river, in the open, was the "laager" of ammunition and other wagons.
  • Although there is a growing black elite who can now afford to join the 'laager', a recent survey reveals that only 2% of blacks have a private security or armed response system - in contrast to 45% of whites - demonstrating that the preoccupation with criminal violence and victimization plays out in racially, as well as economically, defined ways.

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