IPA: ɫˈæbdʌnʌm


  • A sticky brown resin obtained from species of rockrose, used mainly in perfume.

Examples of "labdanum" in Sentences

  • Labdanum and benzoin was often mixed together.
  • Labdanum is produced today mainly for the perfume industry.
  • However labdanum could also be an ingredient of a powdered incense.
  • It is possible that onycha was this mix of labdanum and Styrax benzoin.
  • The Hell-Gate of Ireland: Smoldering brimstone, bitter labdanum, clove, black musk, and copper-colored feathers.
  • This is a truly haunting scent and is both pretty and mysterious, floral and sensual thanks to the labdanum base.
  • A woman’s body odour can be best described olfactorily by notes such as labdanum, vanilla, benzoin and honey absolute with labdanum being the closest I suppose.
  • A resinoid of storax, fixed with tincture of labdanum (pressed from the fatty arteries of the rockrose), proved a sufficient camouflage for a walk around the block, but it had no more staying power than patchouli.
  • The oakmoss plays only a background role, where as the labdanum (an ambery, earthy and somewhat leather-like resinoid derived from the Mediterranean Rockrose bushes, which is an important component in most chypre perufmes) is the key to the warmth that Femme radiates throughout its beautiful and long skin-life (Femme lasts for over 12 hours on my skin – and this the Eau de Parfum concentration).

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