IPA: ɫˈeɪbʌɫ


  • A small ticket or sign giving information about something to which it is attached or intended to be attached.
  • A name given to something or someone to categorise them as part of a particular social group.
  • (music) A company that sells records.
  • (computing) A user-defined alias for a numerical designation, the reverse of an enumeration.
  • (computing) A named place in source code that can be jumped to using a GOTO or equivalent construct.
  • (heraldry) A charge resembling the strap crossing the horse’s chest from which pendants are hung.
  • (obsolete) A tassel.
  • A small strip, especially of paper or parchment (or of some material attached to parchment to carry the seal), but also of iron, brass, land, etc.
  • A piece of writing added to something, such as a codicil appended to a will.
  • (historical) A brass rule with sights, formerly used with a circumferentor to take altitudes.
  • (architecture) The projecting moulding by the sides, and over the tops, of openings in mediaeval architecture.
  • In mediaeval and later art, a representation of a band or scroll containing an inscription.
  • (graphical user interface) A non-interactive control or widget displaying text, often used to describe the purpose of another control.


  • (transitive) To put a label (a ticket or sign) on (something).
  • (ditransitive) To give a label to (someone or something) in order to categorise that person or thing.
  • (biochemistry) To replace specific atoms by their isotope in order to track the presence or movement of this isotope through a reaction, metabolic pathway or cell.
  • (biochemistry) To add a detectable substance, either transiently or permanently, to a biological substance in order to track the presence of the label-substance combination either in situ or in vitro

Examples of "label" in Sentences

  • The other labels are equidistant.
  • It deserved the label at the beginning.
  • Perhaps a label is needed for the unwary.
  • Labeling on the basis of behavior is risky.
  • Is it the utilitarian text on the record label
  • The album was released on the Corinthian label.
  • Vol #1 was previously posted- check the title label below
  • Check the title label below for even more frontline comics
  • It's on the one with the diamond in the middle of the label.
  • The must-win label is overused, but it almost fits for this game.
  • But the question was supposedly about the label and the label alone.
  • It was not a comment on the work, but on the labelling on the crate.
  • Just to make the labels look less bothersome, i've made the labels smaller.
  • The ubiquitin label is disconnected and the protein is admitted and chopped into small pieces.
  • - BugFix: The title label's font size didn't change when the size factor was changed in the settings.
  • This issue should complete the whole series check the title label below if your missing the other issues Classic EC horror/scifi series.
  • (Soundbite of music) VITALE: The band's name, Los Guachos, is Argentine slang that Guillermo Klein's record label translates as homeboys.
  • Download at megaupload cbz new link download the covers a little chewed up but the interior is good cbz download cbz download check the title label below for even more issues!
  • Have Gun will Travel had a few single issues in the four color series but here is the actual series for the hit tv show. #1-3 were four color issues - check the title label below for those issues.

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