labia minora

IPA: ɫˈɑbiʌmɪnɔrʌ


  • (anatomy) The two inner folds of skin within the cleft of the labia majora.

Examples of "labia minora" in Sentences

  • Area between sides of labia minora, contains urethra and vagina
  • Within the labia majora are two smaller folds called the labia minora.
  • The two inner folds of skin, called the labia minora, are much thinner.
  • It is difficult to speak very decisively as to the function of the labia minora.
  • Negro, penis in labia majora in clitoris in labia minora in method of sexual congress among
  • Fat is entirely absent in the subcutaneous tissue of the eyelids, of the penis and scrotum, and of the labia minora.
  • It is situated beneath the anterior labial commissure, partially hidden between the anterior ends of the labia minora.
  • = The clitoris is a small body about an inch in length, situated beneath the mons Veneris and partly or entirely covered by the upper borders of the labia minora.
  • = The vulva and the clitoris have no special functions to perform; but in them, in the clitoris particularly, but also in the labia minora, resides the feeling of voluptuousness, the pleasurable sensation experienced during the sexual act.
  • I believe, however, that this voluptuous acme is, at any rate in children, much less common than the equable voluptuous sensation which can be aroused by all kinds of manipulations and stimulations of the peripheral genital organs, and more especially of the glans, the penis, the clitoris, and the labia minora.

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