IPA: ɫɑbiʌɫ


  • (linguistics, phonetics) A consonant articulated by the lips.
  • (music) An organ pipe having a lip that influences its sound.
  • (zootomy) Any of the scales bordering the mouth opening of a reptile.


  • (anatomy, zootomy) Of or pertaining to the lips or labia.
  • (linguistics, phonetics) Articulated by the lips, as the consonants b, m and w.
  • (dentistry, of an incisor or canine) On the side facing the lips. See mesial.
  • (music) Furnished with lips.

Examples of "labial" in Sentences

  • Prominent inferior labial artery.
  • The labial attraction is not full.
  • The upper labial scales are white.
  • The phonetic status of the labial flap.
  • These are the maxillary and labial palpi.
  • Part of the back labial corner is missing.
  • The labial palps are conspicuously enlarged.
  • The prefrontal is in contact with the labials.
  • If it's a front vowel, it will be more labial.
  • The chin shield contacts 3 of the lower labials.
  • Of the two cusps the labial is the larger and more prominent.
  • I have a couple of cheeks just dying for your labial lavage, doc.
  • You think about your thighs, your outfits, your naso-labial folds.
  • These finger-like appendages are called the labial palpi and maxillary palpi.
  • El is the article; but when it precedes a word beginning with a letter called a labial, it takes the sound of that letter.
  • It's more ... labial than the Monet painting (unless Monet's cathedral was supposed to really be a vagina, in which case, paging Dr. Freud) but what can you do?
  • Mexico. 11 The language of Nootka is by no means harsh or disagreeable; for it abounds, upon the whole, rather with what may be called labial and dental, than with guttural sounds.
  • The Silver Lizzes of June – July 1963, meanwhile, are even more strategically labial, the screened lipstick applying a slight but distinct upturn to the corners of the mouth that was not present in the original publicity photograph.
  • "Their language is by no means harsh or disagreeable, farther than proceeds from their using the _k_ and _h_ with more force, or pronouncing them with less softness than we do; and, upon the whole, it abounds rather with what we may call labial and dental, than with guttural sounds.

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