IPA: ɫˈɑbioʊdˈɛntʌɫ


  • (phonetics) A speech sound articulated with the lower lip and upper teeth.


  • (phonetics) articulated with the lower lip and upper teeth.

Examples of "labiodental" in Sentences

  • Voiceless labiodental affricate.
  • Voiceless labiodental fricative.
  • Now I just need to know about the labiodental flap.
  • Additionally the usually becomes a labiodental in , .
  • The labiodental fricative is only contrastive in loanwords.
  • Assuming you speak a language with no labiodental consonants.
  • The 'voiced labiodental plosive' is a consonant sound produced like a '.
  • The voiceless labiodental plosive is not known to be phonemic in any language.
  • An alternation between a bilabial and labiodental sound is comparatively less economic.
  • He begins by explaining the typical communis opinio, making a minor faux-pas by misrepresenting Etruscan f as a labiodental rather than a bilabial fricative.
  • Por supuesto que lo más correcto es diferenciar las pronunciaciones: de hecho, por eso a la b se le llama b labial, y a la v, v labiodental, para indicar de alguna manera esta distinción.
  • Frisian has an almost complete set of guttural/velar, dental/alveolar, labial/labiodental consonants voiced and unvoiced plosives, voiced and unvoiced fricatives, nasals and half-vocals, an s, sh, r and l.
  • By that time, Olson apparently was still convinced that this phoneme wasn't a labio-dental flap: The bilabial flap is a sound very similar to what is elsewhere called the labiodental flap, but the articulation is slightly different.
  • Now, this is a matter of detail perhaps but worth noting since p has occasionally eroded to f in Etruscan, particularly next to tautosyllabic u, and this sort of lenition can only rationally happen with a bilabial phoneme, not a labiodental one.
  • In eastern Bantu languages, it is commonplace for proto-Bantu bilabial stops voiced and voiceless to change into labiodental fricatives before close high u and/or i, and I do believe – though this needs to be checked – that in some of these languages, these fricatives are in fact bilabials themselves.

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