IPA: ɫɑbiʌm


  • (anatomy, usually in the plural) A liplike structure; especially one of the two pairs of folds of skin on either side of the vulva.
  • (botany) The lip of a labiate corolla.
  • (entomology) A lower mouthpart of an insect that is formed by the second pair of maxillae united in the middle line.
  • (zoology) A liplike part of various invertebrates.
  • (music) The lip against which pressured air is driven to produce sound in a recorder and in a pipe organ with flue pipes.

Examples of "labium" in Sentences

  • The labium is as long or longer than it is wide.
  • The labium is formed by first or second maxillae.
  • The labium encloses all other mouthparts like a sheath.
  • The larvae have silk glands which are located on the labium.
  • Anterior coxae separated by scarcely the width of the labium.
  • Their labium can shoot out from the head using blood pressure.
  • Labium long to lap up nectar; mandibles chew pollen and mould wax.
  • In place of the labium, crustaceans possess a second pair of maxillae.
  • Labium one half as long as maxillae, a little longer than wide, rounded.
  • In one fluid motion, her maxilla gathered in the severed head and guided it into her labium.
  • At the tip of the labium are the labellæ, two little lobes which serve to guide the piercing organs.
  • The labium, which is the largest and most conspicuous, is apparently cylindrical but is grooved above throughout its length.
  • (mandibles), and two pairs of maxillæ, the second and basal pair being united at their base to form the so-called labium, or under lip.
  • The larvae of odonates are easily distinguished from those of other aquatic larvae by their long, hinged labium that is used to seize prey.
  • The labium was the equivalent of the hyoid, the labial palps and maxillipedes the equivalent of the "hyoid" elements which form the branchial arches.
  • The labium, which is divided into three joints, becomes flattened towards the tip, which is square, and ends in two thin membranous lobes, probably endowed with
  • He said afterwards 'but you turned up on a motorbike!!!!!!!' as if I'd turned up in a see-through lace mini dress and showed the neighbours my labium majus piercing.
  • Once you've fastened an oversized labium like this to your bike you've already admitted you need fenders, so next time you're in the market for a frame you might want to think differently.
  • I only hope the damage caused to the collective psyche of our nation's youth by a photograph of two women making gentle nasal and labia superfluos entafada/labium inferius contact is not irreparable.

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