IPA: ɫʌbɫˈæb


  • Any of the twining leguminous plants related to the bean, especially the hyacinth bean.

Examples of "lablab" in Sentences

  • Lablab bean is a good choice for a quick screen on a trellis or fence.
  • The best of such crops are legumes, including the vigorous velvet bean and lablab bean.
  • Commonly called the lablab bug or globular stink bug, it's pea-sized and brownish with a wide posterior.
  • Embu: njavi, njabi nzavi English: hyacinth bean, bonavist bean, lablab bean Giriama: mpupu Kamba: mbumbu, ngiima, nzavi
  • We have plenty of lablab beans, pigeon peas and leucaena, including a variety that is hopefully less toxic because it is low in mimosine.
  • Good crops to consider include clover, chicory, Austrian winter peas, brassicas such as rape, lablab, cow peas, wheat, and mixtures from wildlife seed companies.
  • ECHO's seedbank began in 1981 with the top recommendations of tropical plant specialist Dr. Frank Martin-quail grass, amaranths, tropical pumpkins, lablab beans, tropical lettuce, and more.
  • Nourishing the Planet found that researchers, nongovernmental organizations and farmers are rediscovering traditional diets and improving the availability and cultural acceptance of nutritious indigenous vegetables -- like moringa and lablab.

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