labor camp

IPA: ɫˈeɪbɝkæmp


  • (American spelling) Alternative spelling of labour camp [A type of prison where prisoners are obliged to do forced labour, usually outdoors.]

Examples of "labor-camp" in Sentences

  • He could promise Horn only that he would find out if one of the former labor-camp inmates knew anything.
  • That model worked because peasants were willing to travel a thousand miles to live in labor-camp conditions.
  • Something else occurred to Devon then, something one of the other inmates of the last labor-camp had told him.
  • He established the Cuban gulag — you know, the labor-camp system into which Catro cast all manner of dissidents, democrats, artists, and homosexuals.
  • Last year the conservative senator accused China of exporting to the United States products made by labor-camp inmates -- a charge flatly denied by Beijing.
  • Enabling Iran, say, to strike Israel with nuclear weapons, would compare pretty well with the Shoah, even if the labor-camp and corpse-looting aspects were absent.
  • The labor-camp system grants immense powers to law-enforcement agencies like the Ministry of State Security, the police and the Ministry of Justice, which are reluctant to relinquish that clout.
  • Hideki Shiozawa Mr. Maisky—who spent the first half of his life in the Soviet Union, where he went from being a musical prodigy to a labor-camp inmate, and the second half as one of the classical music world's brightest stars—is nothing if not a survivor.

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