labor contract

IPA: ɫˈeɪbɝkˈɑntrækt


  • contract between labor and management government wages and benefits and working conditions

Examples of "labor-contract" in Sentences

  • There is no natural connection between labor organizing, on the one hand, and Luddism or labor-contract sclerosis, on the other.
  • The sole union at the mine, representing 2,375 workers, went on strike late Thursday to protest what it says are unmet labor-contract terms.
  • The labor-contract overhaul was part of an effort to halt the company's financial free fall by slashing its budget to $13 million from $31 million.
  • A photo that accompanied a March 18 Corporate News article about Continental Airlines Inc. 's labor-contract proposal to its pilots was taken in February 2009.
  • Still, she said, one clear change in recent years is that there is "much more awareness among workers in China" about their rights since a new labor-contract law took effect in 2008.
  • Workers at Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Cold Inc.'s Grasberg mine in Indonesia may hold a one-month strike beginning Sept. 15 as labor-contract negotiations appear deadlocked, a union spokesman said Tuesday.
  • Despite the attractions of a merger -- the ability to cut capacity and costs and boost revenue -- United was worried about labor-contract issues that could raise expenses, change-of-control debt triggers, liquidity and other factors that could have diluted the financial benefits of a merger.

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