IPA: ɫˈeɪbɝɪntˈɛnsɪv


  • (American spelling) Requiring a great deal of work, especially physical and manual effort versus capital.

Examples of "labor-intensive" in Sentences

  • He argued that most services were, by their nature, labor-intensive.
  • This is what is known as a labor-intensive industry, where all the cost, almost all the cost, should be labor because that’s what it is.
  • Outsourcing firms are low-margin, labor-intensive "body shops" that often do run-of-the-mill tech support for office workers or manage data centers.
  • If we think about the tremendous amount of savings Americans get from imported labor-intensive goods, we can see the tremendous possibility of "offshored" medicine.
  • The market economics were right: frikeh was not being produced in this country, and the process was labor-intensive, with only a three-day window of time to harvest the wheat for parching.
  • Other measures are designed to boost labor-intensive sectors such as tourism, some service businesses and road-building by reducing taxes and refocusing capital spending on maintaining local highways.
  • Many small business owners complain that despite the government's call for them to transform their labor-intensive business model, or Zhuanxing in Chinese, there has been little policy support offered.

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