labor union

IPA: ɫˈeɪbɝjˈunjʌn


  • (Canada, US) A continuous association of wage-earners for the purpose of maintaining or improving the conditions of their employment; a trade union.

Examples of "labor-union" in Sentences

  • They also planned to work with Ben & Jerry's to create a "labor-union flavored ice cream."
  • But it probably would also mean much lower levels of labor-union involvement in bargaining.
  • The vote in June split the Democratic party on an issue that was a major blow to its labor-union base.
  • In addition, the European economies are too encumbered with regulatory and labor-union burdens to grow fast enough to produce the necessary wealth.
  • If a journalist, labor-union leader or community organizer on the left can be targeted today, an academic or business person on the right can be the target tomorrow.
  • In 2006, the nation's largest labor-union group, AFL-CIO, sought to oust directors on Verizon's compensation committee, calling Verizon "the poster child for pay for pulse."
  • It's also inexcusable that neither bill repeals the wasteful and corrupt Davis-Bacon Act, which forces the government to pay labor-union wages for federal construction projects.
  • Earlier, labor-union leaders cited the prime minister as saying the Greek government appears to be nearing a deal with banks on a debt plan and developments are expected in the next 15 days.
  • The notice said protesters had met with labor-union representatives who support the Occupy movement nationally but who favor the Dilworth Plaza renovation because it will create construction jobs.
  • Thursday's measures contained no plans to reduce head count, but Air France's labor-union officials suspect that further moves to slash overhead costs—including job cuts—are likely to be announced after the French presidential election in May.

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