IPA: ɫˈæbrʌtɔri


  • A room, building or institution equipped for scientific research, experimentation or analysis.
  • A place where chemicals, drugs or microbes are prepared or manufactured.

Examples of "laboratory" in Sentences

  • The laboratory was open.
  • The laboratory made several cutbacks.
  • The laboratory uses computerize system.
  • The laboratory tests section seems underpopulated.
  • The landslide caused the laboratory block to sink.
  • The Buccaneer serves as a laboratory for the journalism minors.
  • The Ergonomics Laboratory conducts research in man and machine relationship.
  • At the core of the research in the laboratory is a holistic view of the user.
  • It has automated control of temperature and humidity at its primate research laboratory.
  • A discovery in a German laboratory is being demonstrated in San Francisco within twenty-four hours.
  • DURBIN: I can just tell you that what they call a laboratory wouldn't pass any high school laboratory test.
  • OLED technology uses less energy than incandescent bulbs and, in laboratory use, is nearly as efficient as fluorescent.
  • Some dyes have shown carcinogenicity in laboratory animals, and dyes may be contaminated with several cancer-causing chemicals.
  • Studies in laboratory animals have found that testosterone deficiency accelerates plaque build-up on artery walls, which can restrict blood flow.
  • One particular reason for our building such a laboratory is the attraction of a high-level energy source which may trigger off useful chemical reactions without the use of very high temperatures and pressures.
  • By retaining a portion of the sample for future testing, the laboratory is able to test again if the initial results are inconclusive or if the employee claims a breach in the chain of custody or some other error.
  • An extension of his interest from here into the general problems of biology was unavoidable, and thus his laboratory is at present peopled by emigrants from all areas of science on both sides of chemistry - physics on the one hand and biology on the other.
  • Rajput Singh was a nut ball Everybody knew he was a nut ball Since he was twelve years old he'd buried himself in what he called his laboratory, a fetid little room crammed with bits and pieces of salvaged electronics, odd chemicals, crumbling written histories of the experiments of ancient alchemists, classical New Age crystal gazers, feet away. and the madder dreams of modern wire headers overdosed on pleasure into a double fist to the point where their brains turned to cottage cheese. of the other man's At thirty-five he was a daze-eyed little rat of a man with a perpetu ed.

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