IPA: ɫˈeɪbɝɝ


  • (American spelling) One who labors.
  • One who uses bodily strength rather than intellect to earn a wage, usually hourly.

Examples of "laborer" in Sentences

  • He was a farm laborer and weaver.
  • He was the son of a laborer at Lyon.
  • The English laborer is faithful to the policy of Ca 'Canny.
  • The English laborer is starving to-day because, among other things, he is not a scab.
  • It would seem that the unfortunate British laborer is 'twixt the devil and the deep sea.
  • The trouble comes in the need to separate the laborer from the dangerous workplace, which requires a vast number of even common labor to retreat to the computer console. lgl
  • But though the interest of the laborer is strictly connected with that of the society, he is incapable either of comprehending that interest, or of understanding its connection with his own.
  • It holds that the laborer is worthy of his hire, and that such as may be frugal, diligent and enterprising should reap the profit of their toil, nor be mulcted of the same by legislation in favor of the indigent and shiftless.
  • It may mean -- I hope so -- that they are going to provide a level of the wages between the so-called brain worker and the manual worker, for in Russia today, the laborer is the privileged class-the sort of "nouveau riche" of today, whereas the brain worker does not receive nearly so many privileges.
  • Because the British laborer is disinclined to scab, that is, because he restricts his output in order to give less for the wage he receives, it is to a certain extent made possible for the American capitalist, who receives a less restricted output from his laborers, to play the scab on the English capitalist.
  • The term laborer as used in chapter five hundred and three of the acts of nineteen hundred and twelve, as amended by chapter forty-seven of the General Acts of nineteen hundred and fifteen and by chapter twenty - one of the General Acts of nineteen hundred and nineteen, providing for the pensioning of laborers in the employ of cities and towns and as used in chapter four hundred and thirteen of the acts of nineteen hundred and eleven, as amended by chapter three hundred and sixty-seven of the Pensioning of foremen, in - spectors, me - chanics, draw - tenders, assistant drawtenders and store - keepers in employ of cities and towns.

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