IPA: ɫʌbˈɔriʌs


  • Requiring much physical effort; toilsome.
  • Mentally difficult; painstaking.
  • Industrious.

Examples of "laborious" in Sentences

  • He would have the laborious task.
  • The work was laborious and spartan.
  • The laborious fresco were finished in 1854.
  • Laborious in the extreme but less arbitrary.
  • The bookmaking process was long and laborious.
  • To generate the first two digits is quite laborious.
  • Just the sort of person needed for this laborious job.
  • Currently, the whole process is drawn out and laborious.
  • The farmers of this town are very laborious and hard working.
  • Finding somewhere in the middle is precise, and precision is laborious.
  • For the most part it was a silent forest, lush and dank, where only occasionally a wood-pigeon cooed or snow - white cockatoos laughed harshly in laborious flight.
  • The unfortunate reputation that writing often bears as being boring and laborious is likely a result of people writing about uninteresting topics and doing so only out of necessity.
  • Gervase, speaking of one of these species, says: -- "If anything should be to be carried on in the house, or any kind of laborious work to be done, they join themselves to the work, and expedite it with more than human facility."
  • The feathers of these gay little sylphs, most of them from the Southern States, are most brilliant, and are represented with what, were it [not] connected with so much spirit in the attitude, I would call a laborious degree of execution.
  • His veracity, that is, his laborious accuracy, is admitted by the only persons competent to form an opinion, namely, independent investigators who have followed in his track; but what may be called the internal evidence of the case also supplies a strong proof of it.
  • If woman be the weaker creature, why is she employed in laborious avocations? why compelled to endure the fatigue of household drudgery; to scrub, to scower, to labour, both late and early, while the powdered lacquey only waits at the chair, or behind the carriage of his employer?
  • His most stable job, obviously, was the one he had working as a rigger mechanic at the navy yard, and as I started to say, he did generally that kind of laborious work for quite a few years until the latter part of my stay at home, which was when I was about sixteen or seventeen years old.
  • In the future, visitors will theoretically be able to go to the site when the mood strikes, much as they visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. But for now and the next few years, accessing the Sept. 11 Memorial will entail a laborious process requiring the reservation of tickets ahead of time, and then, on the appointed date, wending through a downtown obstacle course involving two outdoor ticket screening points and a security checkpoint inside 90 West St.

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