IPA: ɫʌbˈɔriʌsɫi


  • With great expenditure of effort, in a manner requiring much labor.

Examples of "laboriously" in Sentences

  • " He said her name laboriously, as if he were coaxing a lone low note from his saxophone bell.
  • He says the board meets "laboriously" with the SEC over the PCAOB budget, rules and disciplinary actions.
  • He says the board meets "laboriously" with the SEC over the PCAOB budget, rules, and disciplinary actions.
  • He paused impotently, cast an appealing glance at Malemute Kid, then laboriously placed the twenty pines, end on end, by sign language.
  • The assumption of impartiality was certainly relied upon by no less than the vacuous Shane Richmond who, in laboriously explaining to us how he chose a photograph of the Qana incident to illustrate the Daily Hezbolagraph website, showed us the picture on the right.
  • Several weeks later Priscilla was engaged in laboriously turning the minutes of the last meeting into grammatical German, and as she closed the dictionary and grammar with a sigh of relief, she remarked to Patty: Do you know, it 's very queer about that Kate Ferris.
  • In a primary scene, a menial Speed wittily (and laboriously) explains to his fervent nonetheless lifeless master Valentinus which a pleasing Silvia avoids essay adore letters to Val which competence embarrass her if they were discovered; nonetheless she returns Val's adore letters to her to a fervent lover, saying they have been for him.

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