IPA: ɫʌbˈɔriʌsnʌs


  • The condition of being laborious.

Examples of "laboriousness" in Sentences

  • The Essays display both the laboriousness and the delight of thinking.
  • Maurice — not with much justice considering the laboriousness of his life.
  • Kottke posts a brilliant rant on the incredible laboriousness of being poly-FOAFed:
  • She wondered if he did not understand the laboriousness of the smile with which she listened to
  • It is incredibly funny, and while it does occasionally meander with the laboriousness of a test match, the heart of this expansive novel isn't just about cricket.
  • Elizabeth gives so much of herself -- despite the pain, despite the exhaustion, despite the laboriousness of the task -- to give a little something to people she doesn't know.
  • In one of his letters 4 October 1841 to Captain Beaufort he sounded discouraged by the laboriousness of the work and the fact that he apparently had had no acknowledgement of the data he had sent to the Royal Society.
  • This year's labor of laboriousness, hosted by a game but ultimately defeated Jane Lynch revealing that even this versatile talent couldn't rise above such mediocre material, was thankfully enlivened by a number of surprise and/or very deserving wins, especially when the drama categories kicked in.
  • "Samaranch schemed for years to be appointed to the Olympic committee, sending unsolicited letters to its president, Avery Brundage, eulogizing in one of them the American's 'intelligence, laboriousness and love for [the] Olympic idea' and in another promising, 'I will entirely devote myself to go with your personality and prominent work.'"

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