IPA: ɫˈeɪbaʊr


  • Effort expended on a particular task; toil, work.
  • That which requires hard work for its accomplishment; that which demands effort.
  • (uncountable) Workers in general; the working class, the workforce; sometimes specifically the labour movement, organised labour.
  • (uncountable) A political party or force aiming or claiming to represent the interests of labour.
  • (medicine, obstetrics) The act of a mother giving birth.
  • The time period during which a mother gives birth.
  • (nautical) The pitching or tossing of a vessel which results in the straining of timbers and rigging.
  • (historical) A traditional unit of area in Mexico and Texas, equivalent to 177.1 acres or 71.67 ha.
  • (uncommon, zoology) A group of moles.
  • (UK, New Zealand) Short for the Labour Party.
  • (UK, Canada) Misspelling of Labor, an Australian political party. [(Australian politics, informal) The Australian Labor Party.]


  • (intransitive) To toil, to work.
  • (transitive) To belabour, to emphasise or expand upon (a point in a debate, etc).
  • To be oppressed with difficulties or disease; to do one's work under conditions which make it especially hard or wearisome; to move slowly, as against opposition, or under a burden.
  • To suffer the pangs of childbirth.
  • (nautical) To pitch or roll heavily, as a ship in a turbulent sea.

Examples of "labour" in Sentences

  • I think the best thing in labour is to remain as relaxed as possible.
  • I suppose we should also have a redirect from the term labour market.
  • Even a pregnant woman in labour is better off than these cry babies. mfhpr
  • HOWEVER, withdrawal of your labour is the least invasive means of making your point.
  • The withdrawal of your labour is the only weapon you have in the fight for improved pay and conditions.
  • The SA Police Union said it had advised members to join Popcru in what it described as labour unrest between Tuesday and Monday.
  • Yes, well since the effort of Dr. Hand, I am pretty sure they won't offer a term labour next round, I wonder if they would even allow a normal c-section- did they tell you?
  • It was at an end, therefore, long before the moft confiderable improvements were made in the produ6Uve powers of labour, and it would be to no purpofe to trace further what might have been its effects upon the recompence or wages of labour*
  • What our Prime Minister said, and what we said to your Prime Minister and to the Forum Minister, is that Australia knows that a lot of countries in the Pacific, including Tonga, are very interested in the idea of what we call labour mobility – the seasonal workers scheme.
  • Anyone possessing a diamond worth, for example, 600£, would here have at his disposal a year's income from one person's labour; but to buy such a diamond and to wear it because it represented that value would, in view of our institutions, be to make oneself ridiculous; for he who did it would simply be investing in that way the profits of _his own labour_.

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