labour camp

IPA: ɫˈeɪbaʊrkæmp


  • A type of prison where prisoners are obliged to do forced labour, usually outdoors.

Examples of "labour-camp" in Sentences

  • A chap like me could make himself pretty useful in a labour-camp.
  • Present remains display nothing resembling a credible human gas chamber, not at any German WW2 labour-camp.
  • They might keep him for years in solitary confinement, they might send him to a labour-camp, they might release him for a while, as they sometimes did.
  • It must have been an extraordinary meeting of two extraordinary minds - I cannot imagine how Celan, a labour-camp survivor, and Heidegger, a card-carrying Nazi, managed to make sense of each other.
  • In articles and letters, with dogged patience but visibly mounting contempt, Orwell hammered home the common-sensical points that needed to be made: that downtrodden British workers could not be equated with labour-camp slaves, that class-snobbery was not on a par with legalised racial subjugation, and so on.

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