IPA: ɫˈeɪbaʊrɪntˈɛnsɪv


  • (British spelling) Alternative form of labor-intensive. [(American spelling) Requiring a great deal of work, especially physical and manual effort versus capital.]

Examples of "labour-intensive" in Sentences

  • Because the assessment day format calls for several different exercises and interviews and is very labour-intensive.
  • Conventional wisdom is that such interventions on a large scale are high cost, labour-intensive, bureaucratic nightmares.
  • Studies of how quickly ancient Greek children developed robust bones also seem to show that they began working at labour-intensive, adult tasks from the age of three onwards.
  • The demise of cheap energy is going to bring the collapse of late-capitalist bourgeois civilisation, and with it great hardship associated with the transition to a more austere and labour-intensive way of life.
  • "Artists were suddenly able to sketch an outline in space and rapidly build up a three-dimensional form of substantial scale from scrap or cheaper materials without the labour-intensive and time-consuming process of carving or casting."
  • We knew that in general terms, psychotherapy had been downgraded as a treatment in British and American mental hospitals over the previous twenty years and displaced by greater reliance on medication because the utility of such therapy was difficult to prove, and it was both labour-intensive and highly expensive.

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