IPA: ɫˈeɪbɝd


  • Expressive of strenuous effort.
  • Of writing or speech or similar, stilted or not natural due to too much effort being used in the production.

Examples of "laboured" in Sentences

  • As we should say, she "laboured" the Cardinal de Retz.
  • Now, both these two words, 'laboured' and 'much,' are extremely emphatic.
  • Stair soothed the dog with one hand, for he could hear his heart thump in short laboured leaps as if after a long pursuit of a dog-fox on the hillside.
  • The word rightly translated 'laboured' will appear in its full force if I recall to you a couple of other places in which it is employed in the New Testament.
  • Dalton turned suddenly round; the entire expression of his countenance softened, and his firm-set lips opened, as if a word laboured to come forth, and was retained only by an effort.
  • At his first public showing in 1860, his prints were called laboured, soft, and flacid, more like dry-point etchings than burin work, and he was advised to adhere to the established rules of his art.
  • We sincerely trust to hear that Butler has been superseded; but certain laboured attempts which have been made to explain away some of the wickedness of his ferocious edict do not seem to point in the desirable direction.
  • With one exception, and that doubtful -- for a man may be weak and may not be brave without being a bad man or even king -- every bearer of this fated name laboured with courage and constancy at the great work of elevating his country.
  • The case of the latter was not without its pathos, from the deep contrition he expressed before his execution; the distressing interest which his mistress is said to have taken in his fate, and the lamentable delusion under which he laboured, which is more particularly unfolded in his confession, in the appendix marked (L.) *
  • Accordingly, when such great alarms surrounded them on every side, and it became apparent to all that the Roman name laboured not only under hatred with their enemies, but under contempt also with their allies; it was resolved that the state should be defended under the same auspices, as those under which it had been recovered, and that Marcus Furius should be nominated dictator.

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