IPA: ɫæbɝˈɪnθiʌn


  • Mazelike, having long corridors and passageways that seemingly have no exit.

Examples of "labyrinthian" in Sentences

  • The labyrinthian plot (taking place in 1937) will find
  • Klein and Elliott lay out a web that is labyrinthian to the max.
  • But using its labyrinthian structure, BP might hope to evade the creditors.
  • Searching his memory, he tried to visualize the layout of the vast, labyrinthian space through which he must take them.
  • Why did the movie get to me, and beyond attempting to figure out its labyrinthian plot and outside-looking-in meta-movie-within-a play structure?
  • For whatever reason, the older man who owned one of the larger stores - an unusual labyrinthian basement space - took a flirty liking to me and started chatting me up.
  • In a feeble attempt to demonstrate how loathsome women are, John Hurt even tells the entire labyrinthian plot of Samson and Delilah, replete with film clips of Hedy Lamarr wielding a pair of scissors.
  • He longs to live in its corners, stake a spot in the shade where he could build a shelter under trees blackened by summer lightning, where he would slowly find himself becoming obsessed with mapping the Fibonacci Sequence in seashells, discovering a labyrinthian beauty that he had never paid attention to but that was there all along.

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