IPA: ɫˈæk


  • A resinous substance or lacquer produced mainly on the banyan tree by the female of Kerria lacca, a scale insect.
  • (medicine, colloquial) Laceration.
  • A surname.
  • Alternative spelling of lakh
  • (slang) Clipping of Cadillac. [A brand of luxury automobile, now part of the General Motors group]
  • (UK, education) Initialism of looked-after children.
  • (uncountable, chemistry) Acronym of L-acetylcarnitine. (acetylated L-carnitine)
  • (countable) Abbreviation of leading aircraftman.
  • Initialism of Line of Actual Control. [The line which separates the Indian-administered union territory of Ladakh from Chinese-administered territory of Aksai Chin.]
  • Initialism of licensed acupuncturist.

Examples of "lac" in Sentences

  • BL Lac and Blazar are not the same things.
  • The area is famous for the Lac cultivation.
  • Lac de Conche is located in the municipality.
  • Lac de l'Entonnoir is located in the commune.
  • It is famous as being the site of the Lac Ste.
  • Lac de Seedorf is located in the municipality.
  • Lac des Autannes is located at an elevation of.
  • Lac des Autannes is located at an elevation of .
  • Campsites are available on the coast of Lac Phillipe.
  • The first operon to be described was the lac operon in Escherichia coli .
  • In fact, there is no lactose in any of the "lac" additives found in ingredients lists.
  • In fact, no ingredient in food that starts with "lac" will ever be a problem to those with lactose intolerance.
  • This is a figure again taken from that biochemistry textbook by Voet and Voet discussing a system called the lac operon.
  • The Rajah of Benares receives from the English government an annual pension of one lac, that is, 100,000 rupees (10,000 pounds).
  • The females never escape and after impregnation their ovaries become filled with a red fluid which forms a valuable dye known as lac dye.
  • In the account given by the Begum, a lac, which is for Mr. Hastings's entertainment, is entered in a suspicious neighborhood; for there is there entered a lac of rupees paid for the subahdarry sunnuds to the Mogul through the Rajah Shitab Roy.
  • The roughly-prepared coating is imported in two forms, called lac-lake and lac-dye, which contain about 50 per cent of colouring matter, combined with more or less resin, and with earthy matters, consisting chiefly of carbonate and sulphate of lime and silica.
  • One of the inductive apparatus already described (1187, &c.) had a hemispherical cup of shell-lac introduced, which being in the interval between the inner bull and the lower hemisphere, nearly occupied the space there; consequently when the apparatus was charged, the lac was the dielectric or insulating medium through which the induction took place in that part.
  • Now, an operon is a little segment of DN A in a bacteria which codes for a couple of genes, and genes code for proteins, and the proteins usually have related functions or function as a group, and one of them is called the lac operon which is used to, the proteins of which are necessary for the bacterium Escherichia coli to metabolize a sugar called lactose, which is a milk sugar.

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