IPA: ɫˈæsɝeɪtɪd


  • Having lacerations

Examples of "lacerated" in Sentences

  • Her lips were badly lacerated in the fight.
  • I lacerated myself with doubt and indecision.
  • Her wrist is lacerated and her shoulder is dislocated.
  • No testicles were harmed, no wives were raped, no pen! ses were lacerated with razor blades …
  • Even with his protective vest, he came away with broken ribs, a lacerated liver and bruised kidneys and spleen.
  • Get ready for a series of deadly dull budgets in which red tape is repeatedly shredded, entrepreneurs encouraged and bureaucrats lacerated.
  • Shelton, who was not arrested, suffered "abrasions, a dislocated hip, a fractured femur and pelvis, and a lacerated liver, which required surgery," according to his complaint.
  • Davies suffered a broken fibula, tibia and femur of his right leg, torn ligaments in his left knee, a lacerated bladder, a fractured left elbow, facial injuries and serious head trauma.
  • Every so often we came together in desperation, trying to accommodate each other once again: but her edges lacerated my skin, and the pressure of my body would dull the carefully honed keenness of her blades.
  • He lacerated his party for failing to offer a national message in 2010 to counter the GOP description of Obama and congressional Democrats as “crypto-Socialists who were driving the country right off the brink.”
  • "In those countries, unfortunately marked by profound divisions and lacerated by years-long conflicts, the church is called to be a sign and instrument of unity and reconciliation," said Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday (Oct. 10), opening a special two-week session of the Synod of

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